Coupe air con - help please

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Re: Coupe air con - help please

#16 Post by red_coupe » Tue Oct 15, 2019 10:49 am

Ok guys, let me share with you some news I have about this case.

I've deeply investigated and the main problem that makes us confused is that during the last few years, both R8 coupes and R200/25 Bubble shared the same dashboard. Therefore, there are some compatible parts, which is not true in my case, since I have the 1st dashboard model (like the ones used in other R8 from 89-95), and Rimmer Bros schematics might confuse us, as in the coupe section they only present the most recent dashboard parts (you need to look in 200/400 section).

I've also found out that evaporator is the case I suspected: it's the same in 220 turbo and 216 honda versions. No matter the engine you have, what it matters is the dashboard shape; as long it shares the same dashboard it will use the same evaporator box. This means that we have the potential to look for evaporator boxes in the following cars (as long as they were equipped with AC of course): Rover 214, Rover 414, Rover 216 GTi, Rover 416 GTi, Rover 216 Coupe, Honda Concerto (this ones are from my mind, others might apply).

As for the metal pipes, they have to be specific to the T-series engine. Both L-series and D-series pipes are way too different from the ones used in T-series, and these are the hardest parts to find for sure, along with the air compressor.
Dryer & condenser, I can still get them brand new in my country. I suppose you guys can also do the same. In case you don't, I can help you guys getting them. And I think that's all.

My only doubts at the moment are more related with wiring. I have the red wire for compressor already connected, and I think it goes to the ECU (not confirmed yet). But now, somehow, I think I need to have a black/relay box that should control the fans, and don't know if the wiring goes through the fusebox or not. And there is also the interior wiring, from dash button to the evaporator, and then still don't know where it goes.

And these are the news I had to share with you. Hope it also answers some of the doubts that others like me might have.

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