Car to look at

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Car to look at

#1 Post by Hammond » Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:49 pm

Anyone live near Preston to look at a car for me? :wink3

And to trailer it somewhere and store it for a couple of years?? :*laughing my fat rear end off*

All for a price of course :rolleyes
416GTi Auto 'Diamond White' (J reg)
MGF 1.8 VVC Freestyle 'Solar Red'

216GSi Auto 'Gold' (H397 HUD)
414Si 'Ocean Blue' (R478 AHJ) Bubble
414SEi 'Bermuda Blue' (V52 VFL) Bubble
214SEi 'Nightfire Red' (M755 SVR)
214i Sprint 'Flame Red' (M726 JOH)

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