93' 216 GSI High Idle

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93' 216 GSI High Idle

#1 Post by davehedgehog31 » Mon Sep 10, 2018 4:28 pm

Hi folks,

I have an issue with my 216 GSI which is spoiling my enjoyment somewhat. It is the Honda D-Series engine mated to the four speed auto box.

I have spent a bit of time on it, but really need to make a concerted effort to fix it and would rather not just throw money at parts in an attempt to do so.

To summarise, I have a very high cold idle, which pretty much stables out once hot along with a sometimes hunting high idle.

When the car is started from cold, it fires into life quickly but the revs will immediately climb up to around 2000RPM, during this climb there may be a slight misfire. The car will then idle away at 2000RPM for some minutes. If left, it will gradually fall before abruptly dropping to a normal idle. Sometimes the car will run absolutely fine, but I've also noticed that in certain conditions, usually when in drive, traveling along in third and fourth gear but with no throttle applied, the revs will "bounce" between 1400rpm and 1800ish RPM, before driving properly again once throttle is applied. Once the car is warm, it will usually idle properly when pulling up to lights etc, but when the engine is turned off and restarted the idle will usually be somewhat high again for a short time regardless of engine temperature.

90's Honda engines seem to suffer from this quite a lot and it seems to be a frustrating thing to try and trace. The work I've completed so far in trying to fix it so far;

- Checked extensively for vacuum leaks by letting idle stable then spraying a flammable aerosol around hoses etc. No difference in RPMS noted.
- Tried to purge any air bubbles from coolant system, jacked the front end of the car up to get expansion bottle to highest point, ran for 20 minutes or so to allow cooling fan to come on. Worth noting I've never had any temperature issues with the car at all before or since.
- Removed Idle Control Valve, cleaned out and refitted.
- Not specifically to troubleshoot this issue, but car has had new quality spark plugs and HT leads.

Does anyone have any experience or suggestions with this issue?

It certainly sounds to me like all the hallmarks of a large vacuum leak. High cold idle and it seems like the car's computer cuts down on fuel to compensate after a bit of running. I simply cannot find any vacuum leaks though. I have read that some of these engines can have issues with a PCV valve which becomes stuck open, basically behaving like a large vacuum leak, so that's one thing to check.

Cheers in advance for any advice.

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Re: 93' 216 GSI High Idle

#2 Post by 1234dist » Mon Sep 10, 2018 6:15 pm

coolant temp sensor and lambda.
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