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Sir Henry
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Alternative Meets

#1 Post by Sir Henry » Wed Jul 25, 2012 11:24 am

The following is for the attention of individual members, although the club commitee may wish to afiliate us with the forum if there's sufficient interest.

As a member of several car clubs/forums I can heartily recommend this 'club of clubs' for the longer weekend meets - Friday to Sunday - if you also own (and use) a tent, trailer tent, folding camper or caravan. There are already 3 clubs that are associated with it and the cameraderie between members has to be seen to be believed. Just check out the posted pics if you need any proof of this. I've attended for 3 years and several this year alone, either with the Monterey towing the caravan or with all my camping gear and 2 dogs stowed in the cabby.

Although mainly aimed at families there are a few singletons such as myself who are regular attendees.
The average meet comprises:
Day One - Arrive and set up. Meet & Greet followed by 'A Jacob's' where everyone throws some food into the pot and we scoff it all down (any wasteage is shared between members dogs) while shooting the breeze and/or catching up on gossip. Entertainment is usually a CD player, but could be members playing musical instruments or even a professional trio/quartet (see Penisar Mynydd meet 20-22 July). Occasionally a karaoke can be put on. In the evening everyone gathers around the camp fire (please bring wood) while we shoot more breeze and consume vast quantities of alcohol. Much merriment can be brought forth ... :clapping

Day Two - Rest and recuperation. Most of the morning is given over to solitary pursuits such as fishing or shopping at local venues. Depending on the location a friendly fishing match may be arranged (no license, no fishing!) The afternoon may see a variety of games and competitions for the children, plus a few for the more adventurous adults. In the evening there will be a barby which may be paid for by the club, require a nominal payment from every attending member or require every attendee to furnish some food - eg. burgers, sausages, cuts of raw meet or veggy alternatives for the non carnivores present. This is followed by another evening of mild debauchery much as Day One.

Day Three - Wind Down. Many take the oportunity to visit any nearby car boot or other markets before packing up and making their farewells to the others and checking who will be at the next meet.

However this is just a 'standard' 3- day meet. Depending on the time of year, weather, school holidays, etc any meet could start on the Thursday and continue on until the following Monday. Themes are often put forward for any of the meets. eg. Last weekend it was 'cowboys and Indians' and the invited entertainment came dressed apropriately, although not all the music was confined to the 1800's! Next month it will be our 'Christmas in August Meet'.

Since we have numbers on our side we can normally arrange discounted camping, sole use of any rally field, our own toilet facilities if the camping site doesn't normally have any (steam or other commercial fairs on temporary grounds) and/or even free camping on occasion.

Please respond to the poll so that all can see what kind of interest there may be to individuals or even a possible club affiliation.
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