Wheel Alignment following Rear Bush Replacement

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Wheel Alignment following Rear Bush Replacement

#1 Post by Julesmat50 » Fri Jul 20, 2018 12:16 am

I've had several sets of rear arm bushes on my cars over the years of owning them and until recently never really noticed any uneven tyre wear resulting from the change. Before the MoT last year, I'd had to replace a bottom ball joint and arm so had the tracking checked afterwards, so it was all aligned properly. I took it for an MoT and after replacing the rear arm bushes (yet again) it passed.

Fast forwards 12 months and I'm doing some work for the upcoming MoT and noticed that the OSF tyre was worn badly on the inside - in fact, the cords were showing. This appears to have been done in about 600ish miles, as they were fine for the last MoT. I swapped the offending tyre for the spare and got an MoT with one advisory - wear in the trackrod end on the OS wheel. Dutifully replacing both the TRE's, I took the car for tracking once more to the same reputable garage that does 4wheel alignment as standard. The result was quite a surprise. Not one single wheel was aligned correctly - the 2 fronts naturally were out having replaced the TRE's on both sides (even with the trick of counting the number of turns to remove the old ends and replacing the new ones the same number of turns), but the 2 rears were way out as well, with the NSR toeing in +2.5 and the OSR towing out -3.7. It would seem that just replacing the bushes had sent the rear alignment completely to pot, making the rear of the car try to turn right as it was going along.

So really my question is, does anyone on the forum ever have the alignment of the rear wheels checked after replacing the old favourite - the rear arm bushes - or was I just fortunate in the past with not having any issues?
(I know Craig won't because he has all his cars polybushed :laughing2 )
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Re: Wheel Alignment following Rear Bush Replacement

#2 Post by GTiJohn » Fri Jul 20, 2018 6:27 am

If the big compliance bushes have been pushed/pressed/knocked in to the same position as the old ones then the majority of the alignment is done by the little toe control ink at the front. This should be tightened back in its original position and then the compliance bushed torqued up.

if the alignment is out you have no real choice but to get it corrected.

I've just had my compliance bushes replaced and might invest in an alignment check to be sure :D
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Re: Wheel Alignment following Rear Bush Replacement

#3 Post by 1234dist » Fri Jul 20, 2018 6:32 am

Touch anything suspension and tracking should be check.
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Re: Wheel Alignment following Rear Bush Replacement

#4 Post by 220 GSi turbo » Fri Jul 20, 2018 5:26 pm

As Craig says! :wink3

And the trick of winding the TREs on the same number of threads will only work if the new ones are exactly the same as the ones you have removed.

I recently did some work on the front end of my 25 GTi and found that one of the TREs is probably the original and the other is an aftermarket replacement.

The overall lengths of the two are completely different (probably makes a difference of 3-4 threads): I guess it is not important in the overall scheme of things that the manufacturer makes the length an exact match.
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Re: Wheel Alignment following Rear Bush Replacement

#5 Post by JOHNDQ » Fri Jul 20, 2018 7:31 pm

The difference between a few threads in terms of mm and minutes will be huge. I just replaced my track rod ends on mine using TRW units and Unwound the ends with out moving the lock nut and when I put it on the alignment machine at work one side had gone to +5mm over to +3mm

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