Stop Discrimination Against Historic Vehicle Owners in Scotland

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Stop Discrimination Against Historic Vehicle Owners in Scotland

#1 Post by GTiJohn » Thu May 30, 2019 6:07 pm

Copied from another club forum (see if you can guess which one) as not received directly
Good Evening All,

Can you assist in helping to prevent discrimination against the Scottish Historic Vehicle Movement?

The Federation would be grateful if you can forward this information to your Scottish group(s) within your Club.

Attached is a document detailing what you can do. This URGENT action is required before Tuesday 4 June 2019.

When communicating to your MSP please mark your emails as ‘High Importance’ with the title ‘The Transport (Scotland) Bill’ to enable them to act within the specified time.

If you have any questions please liaise with Bob Owen, FBHVC Legislation Director on 01935 873064 or

Kindest Regards

Emma Balaam

Secretary, Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs Ltd
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The proposed LEZ legislation will ban virtually all vehicles with measurable exhaust emissions from Scottish city centres. That will automatically include all of our vehicles, as they emit CO and significant quantities of unburnt hydrocarbons (as compared with newer cars with catalytic converters that emit CO2 instead of CO, and minimal HC). The equivalent legislation in England does have a waiver for recognised historic vehicles, but the proposed Scottish legislation does not.

MSP Murdo Fraser has proposed an amendment to the Scottish legislation that would introduce such a waiver, but unless it is supported by other MSPs, the amendment won't be included and henceforth historic vehicles would be banned from Scottish cities. Hence a request for members north of the border to lobby their MSPs to support it.
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Re: Stop Discrimination Against Historic Vehicle Owners in Scotland

#2 Post by clayts450 » Fri May 31, 2019 9:22 pm

I've spread the word on a few sites/Facebook groups
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