Alarm problem

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Jeff Turbo
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Alarm problem

#1 Post by Jeff Turbo » Fri Apr 20, 2012 2:48 pm

Hi all
Got a problem with my sons car alarm on his 216 Coupe
The key fob stopped working so I sent it and the alarm unit to a guy in Brighton who seems to be a guru on these things. I also requested a second key fob to be added.
When all was returned to me I plugged the alarm in and expected it to work. I followed all instructions but the immobiliser won't dissarm.
The central locking now doesn't work, the 'chime' that emits from the alarm also isn't working and the fob wont re-connect with the alarm.
I've checked all fuses, disconnected the battery, unpluged the alarm and reconnected it, followed instructions on using the key but nothing works.
Any ideas guys?

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