rover 216 sli 1995 front window faults

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rover 216 sli 1995 front window faults

#1 Post by n-a-c » Thu Sep 24, 2015 9:57 am

Good morning all.

One of my rover 216s has a front window fault.

The 2 front windows dont operate. when i press the switches i can hear the motor running.

i havnt took the door cards off as yet.

i would like to know what it could be first

advice appreciated

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Re: rover 216 sli 1995 front window faults

#2 Post by Mr Teddy Bear » Thu Sep 24, 2015 11:35 am

It seems to be the later cars that suffer from this. :sad

If you can hear the motors running, then its likely the glass has separated from the regulator.

Without removing the door cards it's just an intelligent guess, but likely to be the sealant has failed that sticks two yokes onto the bottom of the glass. The yokes are attached to the regulator by little hexagon headed screws. The sealant is a black goo and acts as both a filler and glue.

This was done at the factory in a jig, some one set up the machine incorrectly resulting in one blob of goo being only half in the yoke. Over time it fails. Trying to glue it back together yourself doesn't work. You need to source window glass with a couple of good yokes attached, in other words where the goo sits in the yoke and not half out of it.

Be careful how you lever off the door cards, they're held on partly by little blue and white plastic 'pop rivet' like fixings. Look after them, they're NLA.

Edited: Rimmers have these blue plastic fixings back in stock £1.05 ea' !
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Re: rover 216 sli 1995 front window faults

#3 Post by alviseven » Mon Oct 12, 2015 7:52 pm

You can use the black goo called "sikaflex" or "Tiger grip" widely available on a well know auction site for about £8. Clean the glass the the fitting and leave to set either in situ or prefer overnight out of the car. Works every time and if the tube then sets itself you can get at least another use by puncturing the side of the tube higher up in the "good" stuff and get another fix up to about two months later on something else. This stuff will stick anything concrete glass wood you name it but it is a little messy!
I have now fixed about three R8 glasses and at least as many other makes - yet to have one come back to me.
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Re: rover 216 sli 1995 front window faults

#4 Post by ducatidemon » Mon Nov 02, 2015 8:11 am

I know that you helped a lot of people already.

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