Rover 45 V6. SOLD it XKR still for sale

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Rover 45 V6. SOLD it XKR still for sale

#1 Post by mrsimon » Thu Jan 31, 2019 10:43 pm

I've got to a point that the hassle of old and classic cars has been a nuisance that has outweighed the joys of ownership.
My past Rovers were a disaster really, but this one really promised. Top spec and one obsessed owner, meant this 2001 was in very good condition.

Despite that, 8 months later it broke down on the way back from the airport and after repairing it I got a broken steering pump.

This was repaired and a new mounting ordered from Rimmers. It was leaky and in deteriorated condition. They agreed to send me another one... which was worse and very badly packed. To get it fixed properly would cost a lot more, probably meaning I'd have to get an expensive pattern part.

Due to this hassle, I decided to sell and had a guy willing to pay 1200 euros. He turned up and I bloody hit the mirror off my bike driving out the car park and it snapped off! Then he caught the oil leak in the engine and the drooping ceiling liner. So, he offered me a 1000 euros and I took it. Phew!! Great car really, and the guy (an Armenian) said it was by far the best one he'd seen.

Right now, Rovers are hobbyist and collectors' cars only. It costs more to maintain them (if you can find the parts) than they actually cost.

I've had my 2007 XKR up for sale for 7 months and although I've had a couple of people close to buying it, I've still got it. And it's the cheapest one by far on the internet in the whole of Spain. It's also had continuous woes that meant I've spend over 7000 euros in just under two years to repair faults and get it fully serviced.

I'm getting a Renault Captur as a daily drive on a lease plan for 196 euros a month all included to give myself a couple of years hassle and strife free life.

The only and last "Rover " I could ever see myself getting is the MG TF as the XKR weekend car "replacement". But I could just imagine all the woes that would bring. Right?

So, it's goodbye for now, and thanks for all the help a lot of you guys have given over the last couple of years. :clapping

Happy motoring and all the best :)
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Re: Rover 45 V6. SOLD it XKR still for sale

#2 Post by Paul_1978_yorks » Fri Feb 01, 2019 9:47 am

Hi mate, it’s s shame it came to this but it’s understandable.

I’ve been driving Rovers for nearly 20 years and can honestly say I’ve had relatively trouble free motoring.

The only real problems were with one of my 214 SEi’s years ago, but I was using it as a daily and doing 17,000 miles a year, and had problems with head gaskets, water pumps etc.

Now I’m only using them as occasional cars and my current 420 Tourer has proven to be a good car so far.

All the best with your new motoring :)
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Re: Rover 45 V6. SOLD it XKR still for sale

#3 Post by Mr Teddy Bear » Fri Feb 01, 2019 1:49 pm

We can all end up buying a lemon! :blushing

With an old car you really need a spares car too and the ability to at least do some of the necessary work yourself.
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Re: Rover 45 V6. SOLD it XKR still for sale

#4 Post by ROVER-25X » Sat Feb 02, 2019 7:48 pm

I find ROVER to be really cheap to fix, repair and maintain hence why we always have a couple on the Road at our
house, good parts base, ebay is my best mate for that, plus the fact that a lot of the 90's and late models used the
parts bin quite heavily so a lot of crossover parts, unlike Vauxhall, they chance the hubs cross generatianal so you
find alloys and brakes are more pricey.
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