Diesel problems

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Diesel problems

#1 Post by RoverRevival » Mon Nov 18, 2019 9:58 am

Now I never do these normally as I rarely find an exceptional product, more it does what it says on the tin so whatever.

I've recently bought a 5cy diesel Mercedes and anyone familiar with 5cy engines know they have a strange soundtrack while on idle, so much so I was thinking one of the injectors was on its way out.

So to make sure it wasn't poor maintenance from the previous owner (most issues so far were) we swapped all 5 glow plugs and although this made a difference with starting the car the sound/feeling was still there (like having a misfire without the pops). Now I usually just throw the cheque book at it until it does what I want it to, which is when a mechanic friend offered this product.


Specifically, the bottle pictured for addition wording @ around £12-15 depending on where you get it.

At first, I was skeptical thinking along the lines of redex eating all the rubber seals again even referring to it as snake oil.
Added to 3/4 tank of diesel and after day one, no discernible changes so chalked it up to snake oil and got on with planning replacement injectors.
Day two, no real difference again but luckily was an extremely busy day, so no car work got done but did mean a lot of driving around (approx 40 miles).
Day 3 cold AF so started the car easier than normal and idle was considerably less lumpy to the point it was pretty much sounding like I thought it should again.
The drive was a lot smoother and more responsive but more importantly quiet.

Do i think its totally fixed my issues, oh god no. Has it delayed the inevitable injector replacement, absolutely!
This will now be added at every service interval for the foreseeable future.

So if you have a noisy, lumpy diesel it will definitely be worth a try for you
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Re: Diesel problems

#2 Post by Johnny 216GSi » Mon Nov 18, 2019 5:03 pm

I believe the Forte products are highly regarded even by established garages with golden rules for other fixes like oil thickeners, leak fixers, etc. who normally say "if you put that in the engine, your car is usually scrap." I do on occasion ask for the oil flush when I have an oil change, and the petrol injector cleaner is also very good. Preferred over STP, etc. Referred to as "specialist" because you don't find it on the shelf in any normal retail outlets, but easily available through Ebay.

Good to know the diesel product is also worth trying. As you said, these fluids are not a magic fix if you have a car that's been used and abused and is suffering from lots of potential issues however small - you can't beat looking after the car, fixing the faults and doing the basic fluid, filter and plug changes all over as required. But if you've done all that and you think you're still missing the last 5% of performance then try a Forte product.
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