A very efficient (and very well known) cleaning product...

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A very efficient (and very well known) cleaning product...

#1 Post by Dorchester » Thu Jan 30, 2020 10:58 am

How to get rid of lots of several very tiny spots of old white paint on my boot lid?
In the first place I thought they were some microscopic scratches in the paint showing the white primer below, but under the finger you could actually feel they were just over the paint.
Had I taken a picture from rear you couldn't have noticed them (you may find some pictures of the like in my previous posts), but they were easily discernible closely from above.
Hardly more than a needle head but they were more than a dozen spilled all over the lid and that was very worrying. But it looks that nobody before was interested in taking away those scars and mainly not the then owner!
So far nothing had succeeded: neither scratch remover, nor anti tar product (2 different ones to no avail) nor white spirit. I had polished then waxed he lid but they were still present like the blood stain in Macbeth. :mad
I was fed up yesterday. I tried for the last time all the products above... no way. :cursing
Then I recalled I'd something else up my sleeve - actually in a cupboard with all the valeting stuff! - I hadn't very much experienced so far but to conclude after a few tries that for me it was useless and removing nothing more than I could do with a sponge and a good cleaning bottle.
Hence I'd a go on a tiny isolated dot and with a lot of elbow grease it began to fade! I pushed on and the tiny white dot ended to disappear. Hip! Hip! Hip! Hooray! The disease could be warded off! :D
Thus I applied all my strength on every tiny dot remaining... and lasted so bent over the lid... more than an hour! :bored
Did you guess now what was my magical but not effortless wand? :tongue
Suspense... :cool
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